The world is currently operating – or not operating... – in a business UNusual environment, with more questions and uncertainties than answers about what the future may hold, especially for the tourism sector.  At this time we all have an unprecedented opportunity to pause, to acknowledge how interconnected we are, and to realise that our actions – even as individuals or a single business – can have profoundly positive impacts.  What better opportunity to re-define and refocus our efforts, to change our perspective about how tourism businesses can thrive while catalysing the better future we all deserve.

It's time to reconnect and discover what your business can achieve within the destination – not only to create a more resilient business, but to be a member of a thriving broader community and a more sustainable natural environment.  Place these goals firmly at the heart of your business and we'll help you plot the journey forward and share each step along the way with the world.

Let's launch into business UNusual with a changed perspective and, most importantly, make sure the travelers of tomorrow will yearn to be part of the journey.