Utopia Africa

It's time to reflect, re-set and re-connect to a better way of doing tourism

We have an unprecedented opportunity to pause, acknowledge how interconnected we all are, and realise that our actions – even as individuals or a single business – can have profoundly positive impacts.  What better time to re-define and refocus our efforts, to change our perspective about how tourism businesses can thrive while catalysing the better future we all deserve.

Let's launch into business UNusual with a changed perspective and, most importantly, make sure the travelers of tomorrow yearn to be part of your journey.

Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective - see your relationship with the environment and each other differently... towards a utopian vision of living and being.

It's Too Late to Be a Pessimist

Let's focus on all the good things that are happening around us - the solutions are here!

Start your journey towards a better future...

Around the world, pockets of increasing awareness mount regarding the pressures placed on our environment, on social harmony, and on the ability of all peoples everywhere to meet their basic needs. Take the first step - decide to be part of the solution.

Opportunities to Thrive...

Be inspired by the possibilities, share your journey and inspire others to follow - start the groundswell to thrive!

We Can Do Better

The journey towards a better future requires a simple, yet fundamental shift: to change the way we see and engage with the world around us.

We Must Do Better!

We can (and must) do better for ourselves, for each other, and for the natural systems on which we all depend.





It Is Your Choice...