Utopia Africa is your sustainability solution partner that believes businesses can – and must – benefit local people, cultural heritage, and the natural environment in order to thrive. We focus on benchmarking current business operations, adapting these to be more resilient in today’s trading environment, and supporting teams to communicate their stories – stories of who they are and why they are committed to business that is better for everyone.

Analysis, insight and bespoke guidance with over 30 years of combined experience in sustainable tourism and multimedia communications positions us to work alongside you and your team to effectively craft and inspire solutions for your sustainability journey.

Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism

Professional Affiliations

Our range of expertise carries the added benefit of international best practice in sustainable tourism through the following affiliations:

With the capacity to tailor our support for more sustainable operations in various sub-sectors of the tourism industry, we can offer a holistic approach to sustainable tourism strategy development, implementation, and reporting, whether for the private sector, policy makers, or destination managers and marketing organisations.

Placing destination needs first is at the centre of tourism's new future. As part of our commitment to this, Utopia Africa is a signatory to the 13 guiding principles espoused by the Future of Tourism movement. We take this commitment seriously and embrace the principles through our work to build a better tomorrow.

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Utopia Africa is an official partner of the UN’s One Planet – Sustainable Tourism Programme and our work is underpinned by the global Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.


Utopia Africa pursues sustainable destination and business development projects in collaboration with local organisations and individuals - those most familiar with local context. We bring key expertise from our founding partners, Lisa Scriven and Dr Paul Godard.

Lisa Scriven has spent her career seeking and implementing business solutions that are resilient to the ever-changing operating and market landscapes of travel and tourism in East and southern Africa, and North America. She is best known on the African continent and internationally for her work in sustainable tourism certification and related technical capacity building. Her passion for crafting success stories of meaningful shared value creation in the tourism sector has more recently inspired her work in the content development and social media management space, where her storytelling speaks to the benefits derived from B2B networking of sustainability solutions, and to the traveller seeking experiences to re-connect through nature and our shared humanity.

Dr Paul Godard, of Paul Godard - Soul Photography, is the creative visionary of this passionate team. He brings vast expertise in photography, web development, technology exchange, ecology, and technical capacity building. His commitment to using this suite of expertise, particularly in photography, is motivated by his desire to see people inspired to connect with nature and, in so doing, adapt their behaviour in pursuit of balance with their surrounding natural environment and shared abundance with local people. Paul is also a professional public speaker and is a member of the Southern African Freelancers Association of the Media Professionals Forum.